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The King's Speech

I watched 'The King's Speech' at the weekend.  I really liked it, I think it's a very heart warming film.  It tells of how King George VI found a true friend in an Australian Common man.  This man (Lionel Logue) helped him immensley to overcome his fears and consequential speech problem.  He made him open up.  It portrays Lionel as a wonderful man with a great passion to help others , and that in those times the feeling in the monarchy was very closed and private, that King George VI would have had no other outlet to escape those fears had it not been for Lionel's persistence.  


I gave up on reading the Harry Hill book in the end.  It was a bit too madcap for me. 8-0


I received Mike Fleet's book today. I can tell it's gonna be a cracker already!
AND Saw Fast Girls at the cinema today.
Pretty productive day overall .....
I would highly recommend the film laugh

books and films

Hmmm Which book to read next.
Chrissie Wellington's autobiography or Mike Fleet's book.
I should probably read them both, just need to get my hands on them now.

I fancy seeing 'Fast Girls' at the cinema too laugh

Harriers end on a high

Croydon Harriers Logo
Croydon’s seniors brought the curtain down on their Southern Athletics League 2nd division campaign with a third place finish at Salisbury. Although short of sprinters, the Harriers enjoyed maximum points in the men’s 1500m, 5000m, 2000m steeplechase and the javelin.

Book Recommendation

Would recommend: ''Transitions'' a Triathlon themed book by Mark Shaw - subtitled ''The Spencer Smith Story'' - it''s biographical. I finished reading it recently. Currently reading: "Livin' the Dreem by Comedian Harry Hill" It's the form of diary entries - I'm not very far into it at the moment but it's very eccentric!! It was a Christmas present! surprise

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